Inspiration can come from anywhere, and it gets you thinking. Friends have a new kitchen with all the mod cons. A new arrival means a nursery or playroom is needed. The kids are fed up with sharing a bedroom. That luxury hotel bedroom couldn’t ever work in your home. Suddenly, your home seems small, dull and cramped, and it seems as if the only answer is to get down to the estate agents’ window to look at a new house and start again somewhere else.

Do you really want to move house though? The upheaval and cost of packing up your belongings, looking for the elusive dream home, and the time you’ll spend dealing with estate agents and solicitors, not to mention the financial implications of arranging a mortgage, the fees, stamp duty and the dreaded chain which could fall through at any time. According to Ideal Home magazine, a third of homeowners surveyed in 2017 delayed plans to move and planned to improve their current home instead. Why not join them?

At Excellence Lofts, we offer the home extensions our Portishead residents love. People in and around Portishead love the area and few want to leave, but their need for extra space seems to leave them with few options. With our help, they can stay in their current home, converting existing space such as a loft or garage or even adding an extension to create a new room. Whichever option our customers choose, they can be sure that it will add value to their property.

Because a conversion or extension will be personalised to your specification, your new space will be one which will tick all the boxes. It really will become your dream home, ready to meet your family’s requirements both now and in the future. It’s your space, the way you want it. It doesn’t get much more rewarding than that.

If you love your current location, but your home needs a boost, there’s no need to compromise. If you love your location, give Excellence Lofts a call. We offer the home improvement Portishead deserves. Don’t move, when you can improve with Excellence Lofts.