So, you’ve taken the decision to maximise the space and value of your property by getting a loft conversion in Bristol, but what now? Often, loft conversions — like any extra space in a house — can end up being a bit of an afterthought; a spare part as well as a spare room.

But with a few straightforward design ideas, you can convert your loft into a space to be proud of, and one that might help you to sell your property further down the line.


Industrial chic is a look that re-emerged in the 1990s, as young creatives moved out of city centres into previously run-down industrial areas such as Hoxton in London, Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Stokes Croft in Bristol to take advantage of cheap rent and ample space. The look is one that you’ll immediately recognise as a classic – exposed brickwork and old, metal-framed furniture is what you’re looking for.

Please bear in mind that your loft needs to be converted with safety standards and insulation in mind, so you can’t actually leave your bricks exposed. What you can do, however, is buy good quality brick wallpaper, or get creative with bought bricks.

house conversion


A close relative of the industrial chic look, a minimalist aesthetic looks simultaneously towards the past and the future. Use very sparse decoration, keep to creams, greys and whites, with the occasional black to offset them. Colour is not your friend in a minimalist loft.

roof conversion


There was a lot of talk about the Scandinavian term ‘hygge’ a while back, but we think the term ‘cosy’ is a bit more straightforward. With this style, you’ll want luxurious rugs, bookcases, cushions comfy seating and wood or wood-effect flooring to top it all off. The end result will be one that you can’t wait to unwind in after a long day at the office.

loft conversion

Whatever style you go for, it’s important to make sure that you’ve done your homework and are ready to see the project through. We’re experts in loft conversions and loft designs in Bristol, so get in touch today and see how you can make your ideal loft become a reality.