Project: Loft Conversion Improvements

Dream Space: N/A

The Project: I had constructed Mr Mizens loft conversion some time before I started my own business. At that time and like some other customers, he had opted not to have his roof re-felted. Following last years bad weather conditions, Mr Mizen decided to have this rectified.

It was of key importance to Mr Mizen that this project was carried out, without damaging any of the lofts external features or internal decorations. He also needed to feel comfortable leaving someone in his home, while he was out at work. As I had built up a good level of trust and he was extremely happy with my professional standard of work and customer service, he asked if Excellence would carry this work out.


1 = Very dissatisfied – 5 = Very satisfied

1. Out of 5, could you please score, how satisfied you were with:

  • A. Your finished conversion: 5
  • B. Our ability to resolve any queries or concerns: 5
  • C. Our ability to understand and work with you to achieve your exact requirements: 5 (a score of 6 might be more accurate – the requirements for the roof terrace and the built-in surround sound cables etc were complicated and required a lot of patience and careful planning and there’s no doubt that you did everything you could to accommodate what I was hoping to achieve, and that’s why you were successful. It was also approached in a friendly and genuine way, which was much appreciated.)
  • D. Our level of customer care and service: 5 (as above. You kept me informed and let me know any changes to work plans etc, so that meant working with you to go through all the details was very successful.)
  • E. The quality of work: 5
  • F. Value for money: 4 (in truth, it’s a bit hard to say as I didn’t get other quotes so I’ve got nothing to compare your figures with. My feeling was that I could trust you to do a great job and you convinced me that it was the right price for a careful job, and being certain of getting it done properly was more important than getting it done cheaply. It felt like the right price for the right quality.)

2. Would you ever re-employ our services in the future?:Yes

3. Would you ever recommend our services to family or friends?: Yes. I’ve just recommended you to a neighbour

4. Would you be happy for other customers to view your conversion?: Yes

5. Any other comments, feedback or suggestions: There probably a few other things which are worth a mention…

When doing a loft conversion, it’s important to know that you can trust the people doing the work as the customer is not going to be there all the time when the work is going on, and this is certainly the case with you.There were some aspects of the work where I wanted to use other suppliers and you seemed perfectly happy with this and made an effort to get on well with these other suppliers.


You were also prepared to put yourself out to either go through details with me when I got back from work, and there was no hesitation, or even frustration, when I called you on that Sunday morning after the very strong winds had disturbed the scaffold and you needed to be here in a hurry.

Your attention to detail was excellent, letting me know and providing advice when decisions needed to be made, and then being patient while I made my mind up – this helped to produce a very good finished product. This also reflects the pride you take in your work, and the enjoyment you seem to get from working on loft conversion projects.

The loft conversion has made a big difference to the feeling of living here, and the high quality of the result has prompted me to improve the rest of the house.

Thanks again for producing such a great addition to my house.