Loft Ladders and Loft Hatches

Most home owners run out of space as the family grows, more children or as a collective state of hobbies and lifetime collectibles of books, gifts, clothes and much more. The problem soon occurs that the home is becoming too small! The family begins to outgrow the space. Son or Daughter suddenly want larger bedrooms, or your partner would like a luxury en-suite, dream bathroom, walk in shower or simply a dream walk in wardrobe. Everything comes at a cost, sometimes more than a family budget could cater for. The options are pretty simple: Move? Or Improve?


Options to move to a larger home usually has it’s costs of moving fee’s to a larger mortgage if expanding the family home.


Improving your also has it’s costs but usually with far more benefits and without the upheaval of having to move the whole family to a house with an extra room or more space at an extra cost. Most UK homes have loft spaces and this is where the story usually begins.

Expanding-Growing Family

Careers change and as the technology does too we find that more and more of us are working from home. Having a home office can make your work so much better and easier with private space and being able to close the door when 5pm arrives. One of our biggest requests during 2012 and 2013 was converting homes lofts and garage space into offices with extra toilet facilities. Also, we installed a dream kitchen in a loft space and made the original kitchen space into an additional downstairs bedroom, utilizing space but designing it to accommodate a growing family is simply clever and cost effective.

Loft Space – Attics

If your home has an attic or more commonly known as a Loft Space then you have the possibilities of expanding your family home. Converting loft spaces can be beneficial as it’s a space that can be used for virtually anything. An additional bedroom with en-suite shower, a games room, a sky at night solar viewing room with Velux Windows or a dream luxury master bedroom with walk in shower and extra storage space cupboards. The first process is to make sure your access to the current loft space area has Loft Ladders and Loft Hatches to access the space efficiently. The next step is to make sure the space between the loft joists and the rafters ridge of the roof is tall enough to stand up in the middle of the loft space. If this is possible then you have yourself a whole new possibility of converting your loft/attic.

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Planning Permission

The fear of the planning process to obtain planning permission is simply hyped, providing you have a Professional loft company and not a general builder the process can be simple and straight forward. Using the right designer or Architect too, usually the Loft Converting Company such as Excellence Lofts provides these services. Making the steps of planning and converting permission simple and straight forward.

The next important process is to decide how to maximise your space. Additional storage and using any floor space to it’s best usage without compromising the design and layout area. Having designed hundreds of lofts and attic conversions Excellence take the utmost care in working alongside an Architect or client during the initial draft drawing of the proposed conversion.

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Additional Lighting

Velux Windows, Balconies and amazing floor to Ceiling windows are just a few additions to help with maximizing natural light into a loft space. A dream skylight to view the stars from your very own bed has become a popular request in the past 6 or 7 years. Fire safety regulations and the enhanced designs on safety windows and fire doors has taken loft conversions into the 21st Century.

The cost of a conversion need not cost the earth and most people are amazed by how much they save rather than having to move. The property and family win in numerous ways as the property gets re-valued in a higher pricing bracket once all works are completed and the family also obtains additional living space designed or chosen to their tastes. Maybe it’s all about creating a touch of indulgence and having that dream bathroom with a view.

So, when you venture up into the loft to put your Christmas decorations away or store something that you’ve no need for storing in one of your bedrooms or rooms, have a look at all that space, and imagine how it would transform your living space in the home.

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Loft Space Advice

Excellence Lofts are able to provide you with advice on your attic or loft space if you live in the South West of the UK. We can probably save you money and time with your planning permission process. Feel free to call us soon.