'cheap is the new expensive'

If you have ever heard the saying “If you think it’s expensive to hire an expert, wait till you hire an amateur”, never a truer word has been spoken when you are dealing with construction, at any level. We will never take risks or short cuts when it comes to your families home.

The cost of a home or loft conversion varies greatly between contractor to contractor, BUT what costs actually make up your project price and how much do each of these elements really matter? Here are our top four to consider.


1: Materials

Generally this element covers the biggest part of your loft conversion budget. If your using a reputable contractor they will only use Grade A quality and sustainable materials from reputable suppliers, ensuring your build not only looks its best but that it is fit for purpose, solid, safe and assured. Assured means that if something does go wrong (it happens to even the best of us) you’re covered.

Next to bad workmanship, cheap materials are one of the biggest reasons why home & loft conversions go wrong. The structural weaknesses may or may not be immediately apparent but eventually remedial work will ALWAYS be needed. Sometimes this can be costlier than the original work itself.

Excellence Lofts & Homes is a long established company with happy customers dating back several decades. Our high quality conversions are built to not only look beautiful but to last. Giving you great value for money that will re-pay you every single day and importantly if you ever choose to sell up and move. The Proof is in our beautifully baked puddings – or so to speak.

As a long established business we have also developed positive business relations with many key suppliers, allowing us to secure healthy discounts & savings on premium products. These savings are always passed onto our customers to provide even greater value for money.

roof joist

2: Labour

Online searches have shown a significant surge in the number of general builders and carpenters now offering Garage, Home and Loft Conversion services.

Excellence Lofts & Homes only use trained experts. Your loft will be constructed by highly trained loft specialists. Your gas and electric will be installed by legally registered engineers. All roofing work is carried out by skilled and insured roof specialists. Every single member of our Excellence team are qualified, insured and trusted.

As Home & Loft Conversion experts, we use tried, tested & trusted construction methods, which have all been developed over time to save you time, money & frustration. Our team Architect and Structural Engineer has worked with us for many years & works closely with our Project Manager & site team to optimise every aspect of your build.

door handle

3: Fixtures & Fittings

Every single one of our home and loft conversions is beautifully and creatively unique. Your conversion can be as simple or as extravagant as you would like. Just like our materials, we only use reputable and quality assured products. We offer a very personal and bespoke service and can often craft finishing fixtures and fittings to meet your exact requirements.

We always say that “A conversion is not fully designed until it is complete”. As you excitedly watch it take shape our Project Manager will be there every step of the way to help, guide and suggest various finishes.

family umbrella

4: Overheads

Here comes that word again… reputable!

If you are using a reputable company, unfortunately overheads are inevitably going to make up part of your project price.

However, while it is vital for businesses to keep their overheads low, overheads DO actually offer customers real value for money and peace of mind.

  • INSURANCE – Your reputable company should hold appropriate construction and liability insurance. Ensuring that your family, home and project are all covered should anything unforeseeable happen.
  • VAT – Your reputable company should be established long enough to be VAT Registered.
  • ASSETS – Your reputable company should have the correct company vehicles, tools, uniforms and administrative set up, providing a professional service and image that mirrors their customer commitment and business values.
  • PROFESSIONAL FEES – Your reputable company should have their own house in order and will probably be paying a professional accountant and other legal professionals, including any fees to any best practice or industry regulating bodies.

We are truly grateful that over 90% of our projects are gained through repeat business, word of mouth and personal recommendations.