These apply to all building work, whether they are complete new houses or extensions. They define safety standards and things like the heights of ceilings and the width of doors. They change from time to time and it is our job to know them and we will be inspected by the council who will issue a Completion Certificate when, and only when, they are satisfied that the work fully complies.

The pleasant surprise here is that you probably won’t need it if there are no plans to build higher than the ridge of your existing roof and are staying within the confines of the walls. If there are more ambitious plans, you will find that the authorities are usually sensible and reasonable if your neighbours can’t argue that you are obscuring their view or restricting the daylight to their property. In either case, we will look after things for you.

Your job will be to the same high standard as a new build – which means it could be better than your existing property.

We pride ourselves on being able to take care of the whole process for you and have several very capable architects on our team, but we understand very well that you may be used to working with other creative people who can design something especially for you. We are more than happy to work with such people.

One of the major benefits of, and motivations behind, many loft conversions is that they can significantly increase the value of your home. Should you decide to sell your property the prospective buyer’s surveyor will check on the permissions for the conversion, and its compliance with the relevant regulations. It’s therefore not worth cutting corners or taking chances. The additional cost of using professionals is offset by the peace of mind you will receive knowing that the job has been completed properly, to a high standard, and will stand up to the scrutiny of any surveyor.

However, if you are, for example, an electrician or plumber, we would be glad to provide a structure only service. This would mean you could be assured that the building regulations would be satisfied.

One of the first jobs is to erect scaffolding. We then complete our work on the roof with minimal interference to your home life. 90% of all materials are taken up the outside so during the time it takes for us to complete this first phase of work, we will hardly be in your home, except for the occasional need for small interruptions to your power or water supply.

When the big day comes to connect your new room to the rest of your home, we will again keep any mess to an absolute minimum. The major change inside is likely to be the new loft stairs, which will have been pre-made in sections at our joiners workshop. They will not be constructed on your premises, just installed.

As mentioned in YOUR HOME..OUR PRIORITY, we will ensure that any potential disruption to your home or day to day life is kept to an absolute minimum.

We cannot of course give financial advice and you must always consult your own preferred lenders, but, in our experience you will find that banks and building societies acknowledge that this kind of work is an excellent investment.

Yes, we have full liability insurance to cover us for all works undertaken

Excellence will draw up your plans and liaise with the local authority for all planning permissions and building regulations required.

Absolutely, many of our customers would be delighted to show case their conversions. We will be more than happy to arrange this for you.

In your Customer loyalty pack we have, for your convenience, including a list of sub-contractors who can carry out this work for you. By quoting your Excellence unique reference number, you will receive special discounts and promotional offers.

A useful Link regarding Party walls –

This is where the neighbours do have a legitimate interest because we can’t deny that they have the right to be sure that we are not damaging the integrity of their home. They are entitled to ask you to pay for their own surveyor to check things out, though most are happy with our fully accredited professionals.

Most neighbours are helpful and encouraging, but if you are unfortunate enough to have people next door that you’re not so sure about, you’ll be glad to know that they can’t usually stop you if you obey the rules, however hostile they may be.

And it’s always a good idea to share your plans before you start. Why not consider coming to us together for an estimate for a double loft extension? You’ll find we’ll be able to give you an even better deal.